Josh Wink Profound Sounds Vol. 1

Profound Sounds isn't Josh Wink's first DJ-mix CD, but unlike previous releases, this one that doesn't try to recreate the adrenaline-rush of the dance floor. It's composed for those who want to chill out at home, but with the rhythm and tempo of the club. Wink's selections ride an optimal balance of techno and house, blending the stark minimalism of the former and the bodily funk of the latter. His mix progresses with finesse as he slips into one mood and slides out of another. The strongest tracks include the dark dub of King Britt's "When The Funk Hits The Fan," the soft disco of Care Company's "Vol. 1," the back-jerking drum staccato on "Political Prisoner," and the anthemic vocals and thump of Blaze's "Lovelee Dae" — a tune so sweet it makes you wish it was looped all over the mix. The poetry of Ursula Rucker, previously featured on the track "Sixth Sense," is spliced and tweaked at different points of the mix, making Profound Sounds a thoughtful listen as well. (Ovum)