Josh Reichmann Readies After Live Solo Album

Josh Reichmann Readies <i>After Live</i> Solo Album
As a former member of Tangiers, Toronto-based songwriter Josh Reichmann has had no shortage of creative output in recent years, working with Sebastien Grainger in Bad Tits and with his own Josh Reichmann Oracle Band. This spring, he will work under his own name on a brand new solo album.

The record is called After Live and sees Reichmann taking on all of the songwriting and instrumentation. The album was recorded over the last year with engineering help from Steve Singh. According to Hand Drawn Dracula, the label releasing the album, "the sound of Josh's new record is more '80s Leonard Cohen / '70s Bowie and Eno."

 Hand Drawn Dracula will release After Live on May 4, while the album's lead single "All Day Wrong" will be released sometime in April. You can check out the full tracklisting for After Live below.

Reichmann has recently teamed up with members of Little Girls to form a live band for After Live. Canadian tour dates are expected to be announced shortly.

After Live:

 1. "After Live"

2. "All Day Wrong"

3. "People Fade Away"

4. "Track 04"

5. "Burning Books"

6. "Wildly Waiting"

7. "Empty Purse"

8. "Florida"

9. "Florida ll"