Jon Cutler/ Various Deep End: Vol. 1

Deep End: Vol. 1 is brought to you by the folks at Mixed Signals Music and Boogie Inc. DJ Jon Cutler selects deep tracks for your listening pleasure, and while Cutler hails from Brooklyn, a good portion of the tracks on this mix come from Canadian house producers. The record grooves solidly and deeply. First track "Ever Wonder" by Detroit's Alton Miller and Toronto's Abacus has a classic sound. On "If I Had A Dream" by Motivacao, Christie Nelson (original vocalist for King Sunshine) constructs a sincere collage of thoughts about greed and the oppression of creativity in our world. The uplifting "Your Dream Is My Dream" by Detroit's Tortured Soul (mixed by Cutler) shows that thoughtfulness and integrity are alive in house music. This record has songs by Toronto's King Sunshine and Martino, and a track from Vancouver's J Tripwire. These soul-driven music makers hold the talent to put our cities on the same map as Detroit, Chicago and NYC. The global links between house musicians run deep. (Mixed Signals)