Joker "Tron"

Joker 'Tron'
In the fast-changing world of dubstep, 20-year-old producer Joker from Easton, Bristol has stayed relevant by carving his own unique path. Part of what's been branded as the 'purple' sound of dubstep along with fellow Bristolians Gemmy and Guido, Joker has blazed a trail with a string of remarkable releases some of which on his own Kapsize label.

An all-encompassing affinity for video games, swooping synths and subterranean bass, are evident on tracks like the anthemic "Snake Eater" and "Digidesign" one of the most acclaimed dubstep tracks of the year with a sound that is definitely oppositional to the minimalist approach with which the genre was initially associated. Add remixes for the likes of The Heavy, Basement Jaxx and Little Boots to his resume and Joker is rapidly accruing attention and respect from outside the ranks of dubstep aficionados in a style that's instantly accessible yet cutting edge.

It's not easy to pick a track that typifies Joker's sound because of its range, but "Tron" indicates where he might be heading. Apparently taken from an upcoming album release, it has yet to receive an official release, but has surfaced online. Showing off his downright menacing synth work, it rewards repeated listens whether in a meditative or a hedonistic state.

Currently on a North American tour, Joker will be appearing in Toronto on November 29 at Wrongbar.

Listen to Joker's "Tron" here.