Johnny Vicious/Various Ministry Of Sound Clubber's Guide Volume 1

One cannot normally make broad sweeping generalisations about the musical taste of people who listen to certain music, but disc one of the MOS Clubber’s Guide is an exception: if you like this, you have bad taste. Shockingly bad taste. This could be painful, I know, but one has to be told. Baffling conventional wisdom, Kelly Osbourne’s "One Word” isn’t completely terrible, and "I See Girls” is a solid summer anthem, but still, it starts with a cheesy trance cover of Roxette’s "Listen To Your Heart” and finishes with three of the worst low-grade trance tracks in recent memory, including wholesale slaughter-via-remix of Annie Lennox’s "Why.” Why, indeed. The second disc is an improvement, in that it’s not a screaming disaster. The mixing is shaky at best, but there’s at least a few decent tunes. Nonetheless, whoever this Johnny Vicious is, the man couldn’t mix a cake, and the good tracks on both CDs are easily available on many other compilations that lack the cheese factor. Go ahead and look elsewhere. (Ministry of Sound)