Johnny Rotten's 'Jesus Christ Superstar' Musical Cancelled

Johnny Rotten's 'Jesus Christ Superstar' Musical Cancelled
If you thought it was too hilarious or weird to be real, you were sadly right. A touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar that was set to star John "Johnny Rotten" Lydon alongside Incubus' Brandon Boyd, Destiny Child's Michelle Williams and 'N Sync's JC Chavez has been cancelled.

The news arrives just nine days before the 54-stop tour was set to kick off. While the Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the musical has been cancelled, no explanation was given. The production's official website only lists information on how to obtain a refund.

Many speculate that funds were the reason for the cancellation. As the Associated Press reports, show producer Michael Cohl said that the project's total cost rang up into "eight figures," adding that they'd need to bring in "several hundred thousand dollars" per performance.

UPDATE: As suspected, Cohl has explained that the tour was cancelled due to low ticket sales.

The name Cohl sound familiar? That's because he's the same producer who backed the disastrous Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. In addition to causing multiple injuries for actors who fell off the rafters, the production cost $75 million and is considered the most expensive show in Broadway history. The show has yet to break even since opening in 2011.

To see what could have been, watch Brandon Boyd and Michelle Williams perform a selection from Jesus Christ Superstar on Good Morning America below.

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