Johnny Death's Surfpunk Orchestra Solid Gold Death

The cover of Solid Gold Death — Jesus on a gold crucifix — delivers an exceedingly deceptive impression. Rather than containing rampant tempos, blazing guitar solos and Cookie Monster vocals, Solid Gold Death offers wild garage and surf rock. Ripping off the Beatles, the Cars, the Who, the Beach Boys and a host of others, Johnny Death’s Surfpunk Orchestra plays solid rock’n’roll with a keen sense of humour. In addition to drawing on the inspiration of a great number of surf acts, Johnny Death’s Surfpunk Orchestra occasionally echoes the loopy styles of Girl Trouble, Gas Huffer and the Cramps. "Caught in Dream” earns well-deserved attention for featuring one of the drunkest guitar solos heard since the Mummies disbanded. The wonderful balance of hilarity and bounding tunes makes for fine listening on Solid Gold Death. (Liquid Lunch)