Johnny Active "Take Me to Church (Remix)" (video)

Johnny Active 'Take Me to Church (Remix)' (video)
Last year, Hozier took us all to church, and now Toronto-based/Calgary-bred rapper Johnny Active is putting his own spin on the hit song with his track "Take Me to Church (Remix)."

This isn't a typical remix. Rather, it's a new track that uses Hozier's song as its foundation and inspiration. In the video, directed by Thomas Ridout, we see Johnny Active hanging around a beautiful cathedral and rapping about a dysfunctional relationship. This narrative is brought to life by scenes in which the MC has a falling-out with his female friend.

The rapper said in a statement, "I put my own twist on Hozier's concept. When I began writing the song and during the time I was writing, I ended up meeting a girl that really embodied the idea of the song. We are both sorta messed up in our own ways and the whole relationship is messed up but I still call her up. Everyone has someone like that." The track was produced by Andrew Triple A.

Check out the premiere of the video down below. Expect Johnny to release more remixes in the coming weeks, with an album in the works for later this year.