John Wilkes Booze Telescopic Eyes Glance the Future Sick

Considering the fragile state of civilisation these days, you can’t blame a band for getting a little paranoid. On their latest effort, Indiana funk-rock mainstays John Wilkes Booze get downright freaked out as their Telescopic Eyes Glance the Future Sick darts about from pessimistically prayerful mantras ("Gonna Die Tonight,” "Always is Always Forever”) to their trademark rollicking Blues Explosion/Make Up style blues rockers. Though not as downright raw and untamed as their previous riot-starters, Telescopic Eyes is far from docile — singer Seth Mahern’s falsetto stutters, careens and chastises with high-pitched penetration, the tight rhythm section chugs along like a finely oiled train, and the bluesy guitar licks burn like moonshine whiskey. "War Drums,” "Cultural Hurricane” and "Know Your Enemy, pt. 1” start things off on a missionary tip, telling the states of things just like they see them ("Images burn like battery acid onto your brain”) and the riot doesn’t stop until standout album closer "Heliocentric Views, pt. 2” sends things off on a skronking lock-groove tip that would make past politico post-punks like James "Blood” Ulmer smile with raised fists. (Kill Rock Stars)