John Oates' Moustache To Star In Cartoon

John Oates' Moustache To Star In Cartoon
John Oates, of Hall & Oates fame, is set to have his legendary moustache immortalised in a cartoon. In an interview with the Post Independent, the long-time musical partner of Daryl Hall admitted the idea is currently in development.

"My moustache has superpowers," he told the publication, regarding the animated series' premise. Despite the fact that his 'tache has been considered a significant trademark for the musician, for many years now he's been enjoying a bald upper lip. The superstar behind hits like "Private Eyes" and "Out of Touch" admits ridding himself of the famed facial hair was cathartic, even though it will boost his fame more so as such a bankable concept for a cartoon.

"I didn't want to be that guy anymore," he told the Post Independent. "I kind of grew out of him."

As for music, according to the official Hall & Oates blog, Oates is currently working on a solo album in Nashville, which he describes as "very organic and acoustic in style."

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