John Mayer Likes to Play Guitar Naked After Sex

Your body is a "Wonderwall"

Photo: Wendy Wei

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Dec 21, 2022

Picture this: you're about to hook up with some soft boy you met on Hinge. You get back to his apartment, already succumbing to the fact this will be a disappointing lay — even before you realize he doesn't have a bed frame and he tries to convince you he's allergic to latex. 

Once you think the mediocre ordeal is over, the man has the audacity to pick up his dusty acoustic guitar and absolutely butcher the lead riff to "This Charming Man." John Mayer has effectively embodied the energy of the latter half of this scenario, revealing that he enjoys noodling around on his guitar naked after sex.

In an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the singer-songwriter was asked if he ever plays guitar before getting it on to set the mood. "No, I do it after sometimes," he responded. "No, you should never play guitar to have sex with someone, but a little naked guitar playing after is very memorable, sitting on the end of the bed with a little gut hanging over. It's nice."

Personally, that sounds like a nightmare, but there's no need to worry about Mayer's special someone — he's not dating anyone at the moment. Later in the interview, he says he lacks "liquid courage" now that he's been sober for the past few years, and that dating isn't a priority for him right now. 

Whatever he plays on guitar for his dates, we just hope it's not off of Sob Rock, because that would be just plain sad for obvious reasons. Watch Mayer's whole appearance on Call Her Daddy below. 

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