John Lennon's Tooth Used for Sculpture in Edmonton

John Lennon's Tooth Used for Sculpture in Edmonton
Remember that Canadian dentist who paid nearly $32,000 for John Lennon's tooth? Soon, part of that pricey molar will be used in a work of art, since buyer Dr. Michael Zuk has given a chunk of it to his sister Kirsten Zuk for use in a sculpture of John Lennon.

The clay statue will be on display during the Edmonton Fringe Festival, which runs from August 16 to 26. "I love John Lennon -- I've been a huge fan all my life," Kirsten Zuk told the Edmonton Sun. "This is like a time-capsule. It will contain his DNA."

The artist hopes that the sculpture will earn donations for Smile Train, a charity that aims to provide cleft lip and palate surgery for impoverished children.

It seems that only part of the tooth will be used, rather than the entire thing. Judging by the photo published on Facebook (see above), the statue is a bust of Lennon's head with its mouth closed, and it's unclear exactly how the tooth will be incorporated.

This isn't the first time that Michael Zuk has used the expensive tooth to benefit Smile Train. The tooth already has its own website, photo prints and DNA pendant.