John K. Samson Gives Us Cold Comfort That Trump's Going to Die with His New Song

Hear the Weakerthans hero get more than a little angry on "Fantasy Baseball at the End of the World"

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Jul 24, 2020

With Major League Baseball now back (with fake fans at least), Weakerthans hero John K. Samson is here to give us a new song called, "Fantasy Baseball at the End of the World."

The song follows the previously shared "Millennium for All," and it's a sombre little Samson ditty, kicking off with the line "I manage my fantasy baseball team better than I manage my anger these days." And while the song is less than two minutes, it finds Samson venting a whole lot of emotion — and yes, anger — reminding us that Donald Trump indeed will die one day, like all of us.

Find some Friday solace — if that's still even possible — by streaming "Fantasy Baseball at the End of the World" below.

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