John Ford / Spitfires / Quincy Gold Piccadilly Pub, Vancouver BC — November 10, 2002

Filling in for the estranged Paul Kehayas, ex-Black Halo Rich Jones made his first Vancouver appearance as the fourth member of John Ford. Jones wasn't the only the Halo to rock the Piccadilly Pub that night. The Spitfires have adopted their own orphaned Halo, Jay Millette on guitar. They still played the same searing AC/DC rock as they did pre-Halo, whereas John Ford took a completely new musical direction — or maybe they were just trying to accommodate Jones's penchant for '70s punk. They detoured from their roots/rock path to travel the road of New York rock. The only throwback to the Ford of yesteryear was when guitarist Rich Hope sang "Ocean," a beautiful alt-country rock ballad. It definitely wasn't your typical John Ford show. The Spitfires played a short but searing set of Bon Scott punk. Quincy Gold, a heavy hitting and underrated Vancouver four-piece, opened the night. And (so far) there's been no talk of adding a Halo to their line-up.