The John Entwistle Band Left For Live Deluxe

From beginning to end, this double live recording from the turn of this century by one of rock's best bass players is one wonderfully fun listen. The John Entwistle Band have been around for almost 30 years, almost as long as his main gig as bass player for the Who. Entwistle has always been his own force, a sort of George Harrison of the Beatles, writing and singing entirely self-penned numbers that were refreshing to listen to, which often dealt with amusing concepts such as an alcoholic's imaginary friend being a whiskey bottle, a spider ("Boris The Spider") and "Trick Of The Light," a song about whether or not a prostitute was pleased by their customer. For this live recording, all the key Entwistle songs are present, as well as underground and equally important rocking ones written for his solo albums. And what is extra special about this album is one gets to hear some of the most insanely colourful bass guitar tones, which over time got heavier and weirder as technology advanced. Between song chatter and mistakes are kept intact, and much humour is projected from the band, which goes to show that Entwistle never really gave a fuck about things - he was all about having a great jolly old time. While Entwistle's life indeed came to an end in classic rock'n'roll fashion, his music and contributions will never die. Long live the Ox! (Koch)