John Digweed/Various MMII

Recently dubbed the globe's top spinner, John Digweed has been busy making a name for himself sans partner Sasha (who he knocked out of first place). Alongside his Bedrock artist releases, Digs has understandably made his name primarily in the mix-disc field. MMII (2002 in Roman numerals) is his latest entry and it does not disappoint, unless you're looking for a dance floor mover. While progressive is easily the most frustrating club music ever - it's a beat tease that promises but never delivers the longed for rhythmic climaxes - it works surprisingly well at home. Lacking the mushiness of most chill-out music, Digs has put together a selection of tracks (including a dubby remix of an old Shakespeare's Sister track, a Darren Emmerson remix and an atmospheric outing from Israel's Flash Brothers) that belie their mid-tempo with immaculate production, mixing and consistently chilly yet uplifting vibe. (Bedrock)