John Digweed/Various Fabric 20

John Digweed’s latest mix is a bit of a departure for him, if you’ve only ever heard his commercial releases and mixes, which feature progressive house and trance. However, if you listen on the web to his Kiss 100 radio show, you’ll be very familiar with the sounds on this tech-house mix. There are none of his usual bass-heavy, melodic anthems. Instead, the music depends more on tech-ier side of house music. Organs and soft synths frequently come into play, and there are some funky bass lines too. Pete Moss’s "Strive to Live” has a beautiful melody, while DJ RaSoul’s saxophone-led "True Science” is a great percussive house track. On the techno side of things, Adam Johnson’s "Traber” is silky smooth, and Joel Mull’s "Emico” is a brilliant emotive techno track, with a great melody and strange, but danceable percussion. Digweed’s worst choices are the FreestyleMan mix of Slam’s "Lie to Me.” It’s certainly the worst of the mixes out there of an otherwise excellent song, as is Michael Mayer’s plodding take on Superpitcher’s "Happiness.” The other big downside is the track’s very regular beats. Besides a single electro track, the constant popping of the four-on-the-floor kick drum becomes monotonous after a while. It’s not his best effort, but that won’t deter his many fans. (Fabric)