John Arnold Style and Pattern

John Arnold takes his one-man, dance floor blasting live show —incorporating a mix of live instruments and smoking-hot broken beat programming — into the studio and the result is Style and Pattern. Using the dance floor as a testing ground to create music, John Arnold has created an album full of electrifying future funk infused tracks that will have any party bouncing from beginning to end. From the dancehall influenced title track featuring UK hip-hop award winner and Ninja Tune artist Ty to the pounding soulful groove of "Rise Up” featuring Amp Fiddler’s Paul Randolph, and the Latin guitar peppered funk of "Show Your Love” featuring label-mate and regular collaborator Jeremy Ellis, Style and Pattern is full of bumping tracks. With tour dates taking him all over the world, as both a DJ and a guitarist for Amp Fiddler, John Arnold has created an exciting freestyle method to making electronic music that depends as much on his musicianship as it does on the crowd. Equally funky and dirty as it is soulful and sexy, Style and Pattern is a collection of booty-shaking and foot-stomping powerhouse tracks that will put flames on any dance floor. (Ubiquity)