Joey Bada$$ Shares Cover Art and Release Date for 'B4.Da.$$' LP

Joey Bada$$ Shares Cover Art and Release Date for 'B4.Da.$$' LP
Beast Coast rap ringleader Joey Bada$$ has released a fair amount of material, both as a solo artist and with his Pro Era crew. Still, he's slowly, surely been working toward his debut album B4.Da.$$. Today, more details on the elusive project have emerged.

Various retail listings have surfaced online, including over at Amazon, revealing the much-anticipated album will arrive early next year on both CD and vinyl. Along with that, we've also got the record's cover art.

As you can see above, the image offers a silhouette of Bada$$'s head, along with a nice colour gradient that spans from green to blue.

The album is also listed with a release date of January 20 via Cinematic Music Group/Pro Era. While rap albums in particular are known to have fluctuating release dates, that looks to be the official release date for B4.Da.$$ — at least for now.

Speaking with Exclaim! earlier this year, the rapper born Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott had a lot to say about fan's expectations for the new release:

Yo, listen. It's not about expectations being high or being low. It's just about expectations being there, period. I don't like expectations. Expectations ruin everything. If people just accepted more things and expected less, we'd be in a better world. I don't want you to expect anything from me; I don't want you to expect me to tell you anything. Accept me as I am. And when the project comes, accept it as it is. Expectations spread like a virus. Fuck that shit. When it comes it comes, whether you love it or not.

Stay tuned for more information on B4.Da.$$ as it becomes available.

UPDATE: A press release has now confirmed that January 20 release date. You can also watch an album trailer at the bottom of ht page. You can check out the second cover at the bottom of the page

UPDATE 2: Another album cover has now popped up for the release. It's unclear, though, which will appear on the final product or if they actually both might.