Joey Bada$$ "Paper Trail$" (live on 'Grand Journal')

Joey Bada$$ 'Paper Trail$' (live on 'Grand Journal')
As that B4.Da.$$ album title would imply, Joey Bada$$ spends parts of his debut full-length detailing the rise from being cashless to a rap king. His current European trek had him explaining his story on French television program Le Before du Grand Journal, where he gave up a money performance of  "Paper Trail$" for the studio audience.

The performance is a little unorthodox in that it was staged in the hallway of the television studio, with a crowd of hip-hop fans and iPhone shutterbugs ready and willing to watch Badmon throw it down. Perched on a riser with his DJ, the young Pro Era rapper spits about the pros and cons of getting that green. Referencing Wu-Tang's "C.R.E.A.M.," he notes that it's the dollar, dollar bill that kills.

Watch the performance below.