Joey Bada$$ "Like Me" (ft. BJ the Chicago Kid) (video)

Joey Bada$$ 'Like Me' (ft. BJ the Chicago Kid) (video)
The promo push behind Joey Bada$$'s new B4.Da.$$ LP gets poignant in the new video for "Like Me," which takes aim at profiling, police brutality, and gun violence.

While much of the video finds Joey Bada$$ developing his love affair with a young woman, his day-to-day tragically becomes entwined in the narrative of a gun-toting robber. A struggle leaves behind a dead body, with police involvement bringing out another pair of deaths. In the end, an afterlife observation relates that this is all too common a situation.

Bada$$ explained in a statement: "In the video, the hot-headed guy, he gets killed by the police with a gun in his hand. And me, the cool guy, who is away from all the violence, I still end up being mixed in the loop — just being a victim because of my surroundings or where I'm from."

You can catch the clip down below, courtesy of Mother Jones.