Joe Morris Many Rings

Guitarist and composer Joe Morris steps out further from recognisable sonic landscapes with an experimental quartet featuring alto saxophonist Rob Brown, bassoonist Karen Borca and accordionist/sampler Andrea Parkins. Freewheelers all, this group listens and understands Morris’s concepts built out of tremendous conviction in free-jazz ideals and a burning love for music. Many Rings represents new directions in exploring the relationships between this unlikely communion of axis with ears dished wide and nerves peaked and rising to this unusual occasion. I find it is among the leader’s finest in some jaw dropping releases of the past few years. You may never hear electric guitar/accordion/bassoon/alto sax spilling ideas together again, and certainly never before. One listen to “Situation To Be In” tells you this is indeed some jazz truth articulated with passion and other unexplainable sources within. (Knitting Factory)