Joe Lapinski Here Are the Postcards I Forgot to Send You

St. Catharines, Ontario’s Joe Lapinski takes some time away from the energetic Palooka to lay some lovely introspective songs down on this first solo record. Expertly arranged by Lapinski and produced by the Dinner is Ruined’s Dr. Pee, Postcards is not a conventional folk record. Though he strums an acoustic guitar under a delicate form of his voice, Lapinski is far too artful to pigeonhole, allowing a range of complementary sounds to pervade his ingenious songs. Something like "How Do I Say?” might be a singular moment on this record, but it flows wonderfully into the two-part, "Automobiles Collide” soundscape sequences. If Palooka shares elements with the Rheostatics, on his own, Lapinski comes across like a more focused Martin Tielli, composing deep music with apparent ease. (Yummy)