Jody Glenham "Between You and Me" (video)

Jody Glenham 'Between You and Me' (video)
A few months on from the release of the expanded edition of Jody Glenham's Dreamer single, the Vancouver-based singer-songwriter is offering up an, ahem, uplifting new video for the set's opener, "Between You and Me."

Taking inspiration from cult '90s flick The Craft, filmmaker Kate Kroll's (No Fun City) candle-lit clip finds a quartet of young women flirting with the supernatural via a game of "light as a feather, stiff as a board." As the organ- and vibraphone-assisted bedroom ballad hovers in the background, we find snoopster Glenham eavesdropping from the other side of a wall and sneaking out of her apartment for a closer look. Without spoiling too much, what she discovers about herself after crashing the party is quite uncanny.

You'll find the occult-inspired video down below.