Joan of Arc to Release Soundtrack to 'The Passion of Joan of Arc'

Joan of Arc to Release Soundtrack to 'The Passion of Joan of Arc'
Since forming in the mid-'90s, post-rock collective Joan of Arc have released countless head-scratching LPs, with their most recent effort being last year's Life Like. That said, the group's next out-there release appears to be a no-brainer, at least conceptually: they're about to release a score to the classic 1928 French silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc, fittingly titled Joan of Arc Presents Joan of Arc.

Joyful Noise Recordings, which issues the score digitally and on limited-edition double LP on April 10, explains that the piece was recorded live at the opening of last year's Chicago International Movies and Music Festival. Sound samples have yet to be released, but the LP is apparently "composed a dark, flowering sonic counterpart to the film's grim subject matter (which is a rather haunting depiction of savage religious persecution)."

The work has been separated into four side-length tracks, and you can check the tracklisting below. Up above, you can see its artwork, an illustration of the film's lead actress Maria Falconetti and some unidentified silhouettes.

Joan of Arc Presents Joan of Arc:

1. The Beginning
2. The Shadow of the Cross on the Floor of the Cell
3. Joan Has Just Fainted
4. The Crown Has Just Been Swept Up Joan Accepts Her Fate