Joan of Arc To Bring Us Flowers in June

Joan of Arc To Bring Us <i>Flowers</i> in June
Joan of Arc fans never have to wait long for a new album. Like clockwork, these Chicago art rockers will drop a new full-length (or two) almost every single year. In fact, since 1997 the only album-less years for Joan of Arc were 2001 and 2002, and that was only because Tim Kinsella and the guys were going through their whole temporary break-up thing. So, in step with this yearly album release schedule, the band have announced a new record is all wrapped up and heading our way.

Joan of Arc have dubbed their latest Flowers and on June 9 will release this follow-up to 2008's commendable Boo Human via Polyvinyl. It was recorded and mixed by Graeme Gibson (Califone, the 1900s, Catfish Haven) at Chicago's Clava Studios and as usual features Kinsella - the only permanent Joan of Arc member - working with four different line-ups during four different sessions.

In the press release, Kinsella says he was out to "counteract the raw emotional overtones" of Boo Human and describes the new record as "more like sculpting a garden as a whole. Even before we started, we knew Flowers would have to be a little cooler and more formal."

He also goes on to say that just because Joan of Arc's catalogue has surpassed the double-digit mark, it doesn't mean making records is any easier. "I think it's harder for a band to make a tenth record than it is to make a first record," he says. "There is more freedom to be daring, but there is also your own standard to live up to and surpass."

There's no sign of any tour dates yet, but there is a tracklisting.


1. "Fogbow"
2. "The Garden of Cartoon Exclamations"
3. "Flowers"
4. "Fasting"
5. "Explain Yourselves #2"
6. "Tsunshine"
7. "A Delicious Herbal Laxative"
8. "Explain Yourselves"
9. "Table of the Laments"
10. "Fable of the Elements"
11. "Life Sentence / Twisted Ladder"
12. "The Sun Rose"