Joan of Arc Celebrate Their Collaborators with Don't Mind Control

Joan of Arc Celebrate Their Collaborators with <i>Don't Mind Control</i>
For those familiar with the work of Tim Kinsella and his various collaborators, it comes as no surprise when he releases album after album after album. Off the heels of his recent Joan of Arc effort Flowers, Kinsella has kept up the momentum by announcing yet another release.

More than just a straight-up Joan of Arc album, however, this record dubbed Don't Mind Control sees Kinsella play host to a variety of different musical acts, all of which feature previous or current members of Joan of Arc. While 2005's Association of Utopian Hologram Swallowers EP ran with a similar idea, this album expands on that with a total of 18 acts providing unreleased music.

In a press release, Kinsella explained that this compilation album was intended to showcase the variety of talent that has been associated with his act for years. "I wanted an opportunity to step aside and let everyone do their own thing in a way that people who know Joan of Arc, but not these members' other bands, would be able to access the songs in one place," he said. "It's an easy mistake to make - associating Joan of Arc with just me... But really it's never existed as simply a vehicle to realize my personal vision as much as an umbrella under which I have been able to collaborate with so many different musicians I respect and admire."

The physical release of Don't Mind Control will be available on CD and LP, but Polyvinyl warns that it will be very limited. The label is taking pre-orders now.

Joan of Arc Presents: Don't Mind Control:

1. Litesalive "Uwar"

2. Disappears "Guider"

3. Birdshow "Privacy "

4. A Tundra "The Doug McComb Over"

5. Owen "No More No Where"

6. White/Light "Kickstart"

7. Euphone w/Tim Kinsella "Friend in Common"

8. Slick Conditions "Spit in Layers"

9. Cale Parks "Long Looks"

10. Joshua Abrams "Blanes echo Blirds, Bless echo Blouds"

11. The Cairo Gang "Oh Solo"

12. Tim Kinsella "Roots Dug into Dunes = Landslide"

13. Jeremy Boyle "Second Door From the Left"

14. The Zoo Wheel "Flicker"

15. Vacations "Friday the 13th Part 2"

16. Pillars and Tongues "Oakey"

17. Ghosts and Vodka "Gameshow Buzzer"

18. Birthmark "Drivin' me Crazy"