Jónsi Preps New Live CD/DVD

Jónsi Preps New Live CD/DVD
If you had a chance to check out Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi's solo tour this year, you caught one of the most magical tours of the year. Between a series of enthralling, war-torn backdrops, a host of gorgeous films screened throughout the performance and the man himself -- adorned at some points as a turn-of-the-century archduke dancing around in an elegant headdress, -- the highly theatrical event was a total sensory overload. Toss the vocalist's enigmatic and nearly unbelievable coo into the mix, and you had one hell of a show.

If you didn't catch any of those gigs, Jónsi's recent announcement of a live CD/DVD that captured the tour in question is the next best thing. A companion piece to his debut solo effort Go, the appropriately titled Go Live, features a 74-minute film of a dress rehearsal in London last March that had the entire audience dressed up like animals. The feature also includes behind-the-scenes footage and clips of unreleased tunes. The audio component mixes love tracks culled from performances in Belgium and England.

A 16-page book of photographs will also be included with Go Live, which will be released November 29. Check out the full listing below, as well as a clip from the film. Also, head here for more information on the set and to make a pre-order.  

Go Live DVD:

1. "Hengilás"

2. "Icicle Sleeves"

3. "Kolniður"

4. "Tornado"

5. "Sinking Friendships"

6. "Go Do"

7. "Boy Lilikoi"

8. "New Piano Song"

9. "Around Us"

10. "Volume Pedal Song"

11. "Grow Till Tall"

Go Live CD:

1. "Stars in Still Water"

2. "Hengilás"

3. "Icicle Sleeves"

4. "Kolniður"

5. "Tornado"

6. "Sinking Friendships"

7. "Saint Naive"

8. "Go Do"

9. "Boy Lilikoi"

10. "Animal Arithmetic"

11. "New Piano Song"

12. "Around Us"

13. "Sticks & Stones"

14. "Grow Till Tall"

'go live' preview from Jónsi on Vimeo.