"Score" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 6, 2015

After steeping himself in the Nirvana songbook a couple of days ago, JMSN is back to exploring his own tortured psyche. A new video for his self-titled LP's "Score" has him rethinking a tanked relationship, possibly in the most uncomfortable ways.

The video finds the guy going full-on creeper, spying on an ex from outside her window as he belts out lines like "I should've loved you more." He watches her doing her morning make-up routine and ogles her lingerie-covered body as she lays down with her pet pooch. It's also more than a little weird to see JMSN throwing down soulfully in the shower, or sit in an old pick-up truck to stake out the woman's house.

The lurking nature of the vid is unsavoury, but you'll learn the score down below, via Vice.

JMSN's North American tour rolls through Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver later this month.

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