JMSN "Rape Me" (Nirvana cover)

JMSN 'Rape Me' (Nirvana cover)
Los Angeles' JMSN traffics in shadowy R&B sounds, but has now brought a bit of '90s grunge into the mix with a scratchilysung redo of Nirvana's iconic In Utero entry, "Rape Me."

While JMSN approaches Kurt Cobain's famously tortured lyrics with a mumbly drawl and nic-fit screams, the cover doesn't deliver the distortion-dusted sounds of a left-handed Mustang or the oppressive boom of Dave Grohl's drumming. Instead, it filters clean guitar, midnight-blue piano plunks and a muted marching beat beneath JMSN's occasionally multilayered vocal musings.

You'll find the downtempo take of the downcast classic down below.

JMSN is currently on a North American tour that has him hitting Canadian venues in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver later in the month.