JJ Reveal 'V'

JJ Reveal 'V'
On Christmas Eve 2013, blissed-out Swedish duo JJ broke a lengthy silence with the release of their new song and video "My Boyz." Nearly six months since then, they've finally announced plans for a new album.

The release is called V and was actually teased in a video last summer. The album follows 2012's High Summer EP and before that their 2011 Kills album.

Details are still somewhat scarce about V, but the group have shared another video trailer for the release. The 45-second clip features some intense shots of all-white people in a white hospital, who eventually break free and form some sort of golden desert cult. At least that's our take; you can check it out below.

The group also shared the following statement about the album:

At last we meet again
and I'm like baby, what you doing here?
You stay on my mind.
We been up all winters for someone like you and we know that you been up all winters for someone like us. We don't even know your name or where you came from
and someday this war will be over so we and our friends will stay together until the end.
Making our way through this motherfucking life.
Come on, we have to do it.

V is set to arrive on August 19 via Secretly Canadian/Sincerely Yours.