JJ "I Wish"

JJ 'I Wish'
Few bands manage to pull off self-loathing electronic pop as well as JJ. The Swedish duo have just dropped off a melancholy synth-ballad called "I Wish," which would be downright depressing to listen to, if it weren't so catchy. You can spin the latest sad-sack anthem online now.

"How many times I call you and you ain't picking up?" Elin Kastlander delivers with a downer twist above the glossy production. Her vocals, which come packaged with a drippy, pitch-shifted backup, make mention of being a fuck-up, but one that's at least hoping for a reversal of fortune from an apparent bum relationship.

"I wish I could spend the time I spend on you on me," she says above the icy beat.

You can check out the glum but glittering track below.