JJ "Truce"

JJ 'Truce'
It's been a few months since we'd heard from Swedish duo JJ, but they've finally blessed us again with blissed-out bedroom pop. They're extending an aural olive branch via the release of a new single, "Truce."

The track is rife with warbled layers of synths and AutoTuned vocals, which present the idea of enemies wanting to come together after JJ's dominance is made clear ("I'm on the news / I hear my enemies screaming, 'We want truce!'"). Another tuneful, confident admission arrives with "when I'm in the nude, I'm in the mood."

The chorus comes in with the glory of a brand new day, suggesting things may or may not get better for their foes. You can make that call yourself by giving the hypnagogic pop track a spin down below.