JJ "Let Them"

JJ 'Let Them'
JJ singer Elin Kastlander can deliver just about any line in her icy way and have you completely transfixed. The group's new free single, "Let Them," sees her gently cooing, "Fuck all you hoes/Get a grip/Let 'em talk/It ain't my fault/Let 'em stay/Let them snitch/Let them die" on the intro of the T.I. referencing cut and it doesn't come across as weird at all. Considering the layers of fantasy keyboards and the pumped-up snap beat that back her on the track, the juxtaposition of the tough-guy lyrics on this dreamy Euro-club number should have us cracking up, but her gentle timbre has us too enamoured to even give them a second thought.

Grab the free EP, which also features the XX-sampling number "I'm The One/Money On My Mind," now courtesy of Sincerely Yours.