Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes Live At The Greek

I am not a big fan of Led Zeppelin. I think they are an over-hyped, mediocre rock band that I could do without hearing ever again. That said, I think this collaboration between LedZep's Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes is a really nice surprise. Recorded live at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, this two CD set confirms for me what I always despised about Led Zeppelin - the voice of Robert Plant. With head Crowe Chris Robinson handling the lead vocals and with the rest of his band giving this material a touch of a Southern edge, I was surprised how much I enjoyed hearing these much-too-familiar songs again. It was also very cool that along with the Zep classics, the band does a great rendition of the Yardbirds "Shapes of Things" and a few Black Crowes songs to boot. Jimmy Page also sounds great on here, which is good to hear since he can be so unpredictable in a live setting. (TVT)