JFA/Worthless/Blue Collar Special Concrete Waves

One old school act and a couple of new ones aim to provide you with a summertime skate soundtrack with this record. Each band performs five songs apiece, making for an interesting mix. First up are old-time skate punks Jodie Foster's Army, and while this has very little in common with their sound of the early '80s, it still packs a punch, but it's more of a rockin' punk thing now. Next up is San Diego's the Worthless, one of the snottiest acts kicking the shit out of unsuspecting listeners today. They aren't trying to win friends and influence people with tunes like "Toxic Shock," but they sound damn good nonetheless. Finally we have the San Fernando Valley offering of Blue Collar Special. The most melodic of the bunch, they have a catchy sound that is more about the street than the mall. And you don't have to be a skate punk to enjoy this either. (Disaster)