Jewish Legend Telepathy Now!

"The blinding light you’re facing in the middle of the judgment cloud,” seems to perfectly inscribe the overall tone of Jewish Legend’s, Telepathy Now! With Tangiers, Josh Reichmann at the forefront, it has remnants of his oh-so-catchy garage rock melodies, but shows a growth in the artist as his distinct, trembling voice, chants out lyrics about the disenchantment of life. Using brass instruments, gongs, the piano and whatever other sounds he thought he could twist and turn into something interesting, each song has its own little tale to tell. With the Dunkirk Orchestra and the Los Angeles Wyman’s Shaman Choir backing Reichmann, this album is like that volcano-making science experiment you did in elementary school: all the right ingredients have to be put in order to make the lava, and all you can anticipate is its exciting eruption. (Baudelaire)