Jetplanes of Abraham Jetplanes of Abraham

With the rise of the Hidden Cameras and Broken Social Scene came an increase in the activity of inter-band collectives. Making up a mini-collective of Ottawa, ON acts such as Kingston Fog, Turning Into Salt and For the Mathematics, JoA hit nary a wrong note on their debut, but sometimes their enthusiasm gets the best of them. Oozing a manic, youthful energy, there’s at least one song on this album to delight even the most hard-hearted. "Take the Cash” is earnest rock with shout-y harmonies but it’s got an undeniable catchiness that cannot be ignored. The band flirt with some cute indie on "Complications, Fascination & Quitting Your Job” but, luckily, a good dose of gang singing and a driving beat keep things from getting drowned in pretension. The real gem, and the key to why Jetplanes of Abraham are a band to keep an eye on, comes in the form of closer "For Now.” It starts off contemplative but begins to show its manic indie roots soon enough, thrusting the listener into layers of forceful harmonies, crashing cymbals and handclaps. Coming close to that rush of energy you got when you first heard Broken Social Scene and the Arcade Fire, "For Now” gives mighty hope to this budding band.