Jet Johnson Micropolitan

Jet Johnson is primarily a vehicle for Nordic singer-songwriter and bassist Caroline Nesbø, accompanied here by guitarist Gavin Baker and drummer Kevin Smith. Micropolitan is the trio’s first record together and it doesn’t take long to know exactly what to expect. A minute into the opening track, "November,” and you’ve heard what will fill the next 45: very basic, inert backing, sporadically accompanied by strings, and faint melodies drawn out by Nesbø’s restrained vocals that tremble in and out of tune with a fey timbre. "Donnie,” a bouncy and succinct pop number, is the only track to break this basic cast, and it’s decent enough to make it a shame that the band hadn’t attempted more to give the second half a much needed variety. After the first side winds down, it becomes clear that they’ve hit autopilot far too early in the game, relying on a formula that may work, but not well enough to make Micropolitan an enveloping listen. (Seriously Groovy)