Jesus Lizard Seven-Inch Box Set On the Way

Jesus Lizard Seven-Inch Box Set On the Way
First, word came that Jesus Lizard are reuniting, then that the noise mongers would be reissuing their full-lengths and now we get a heads-up on a new Jesus Lizard box set. Dubbed Inch, the set is due to come as a Record Store Day exclusive on April 18 and gather up a collection of the '90s weirdoes' seven-inches, courtesy of Touch and Go.

Included on the release will be several of the band's now long out-of-print Touch and Go singles, all lovingly remastered by Bob Weston and enclosed in a foldable clear plastic package, which, according to the label, is "suitable for both compact storage and bedroom wall display." Among the highlights are a seven-inch of "Puss," which was a split with Nirvana, as well as the "Gladiator" single, originally only released in London back in 1992.

As previously reported, Inch comes in advance of several other Jesus Lizard reissues, which include vinyl and CD repressings of Head (1990), Goat (1991), Liar (1992) and Down (1994). There's still no firm release date on those but they are now expected sometime this August.

Also, the band have a few reunion shows planned and will play at ATP: The Fans Strike Back festival in England on May 8 to 10, with another London date on May 11. More tour dates are to be announced shortly, so keep your fingers crossed that they are here in North America.

Here's what's included on Inch:

"Chrome" b/w "7 vs 8"
"Mouthbreather" b/w "Sunday You Need Love"
"Wheelchair Epidemic" b/w "Dancing Naked Ladies"
"Gladiator" (live) b/w "Seasick" (live)
"(Fly) On (the Wall)" b/w "White Hole"

Lash 3x7-inch containing:

"Glamorous" b/w "Deaf as a Bat"
"Lady Shoes" (live) b/w "Killer McHann" (live)
"Bloody Mary" (live) b/w "Monkey Trick" (live)