The Jesus Lizard Detail Coffee Table Book with Bonus 7-Inch

The Jesus Lizard Detail Coffee Table Book with Bonus 7-Inch
Celebrated noise rock frontman David Yow recently told Exclaim! that the Jesus Lizard had a coffee table book on the way before the end of the year, and sure enough, the details of that tome have now emerged. The functionally titled The Jesus Lizard Book is due out on December 16 through Akashic Books.

The band members were involved in creating the book, and an announcement promises writings from all of the musicians, plus Polaroids by David Wm. Sims, "a delicious recipe by David Yow," and "exclusive photography, art, and other imagery." Additional writings come courtesy of Steve Albini, Andy Gill, Mike Watt, Alexander Hacke, Steve Gullick, Rebecca Gates, Jeff Lane, Sasha Frere-Jones, KRK, Bernie Bahrmasel and more.

There will also be biographical information on the members, stretching from childhood to the band's breakup. Furthermore, the layout is said to be "stylish and elegant, particularly in contrast with the harshness of much of the band's music."

A deluxe limited edition comes with a 7-inch signed by all four original members. This record includes two demos from 1994: "Elegy" and "Fly on the Wall." There is also a signed illustration by Yow.

The deluxe package is available to pre-order here, or the standard hardcover edition is here. Joyful Noise also has some different pre-order packages available over here, which include a David Yow DVD/CD combo package featuring "Five Directors' Interpretations of Opening Suite" video, "Making Monoliths" video, and the full album of Yow's Tonight You Look Like a Spider.

YOW MAKES MONOLITHS from Joyful Noise on Vimeo.