Jessy Lanza "You Never Show Your Love" (ft, DJ Spinn & Taso) (video)

Jessy Lanza 'You Never Show Your Love' (ft, DJ Spinn & Taso) (video)
Although Ontario R&B singer Jessy Lanza's "You Never Show Your Love" single isn't slated to drop on Hyperdub until July 24, it's already streaming online, and now it has gotten a video.

The song was made along with Teklife producers DJ Spinn and Taso, and it puts Lanza's soulful coo amidst a minimal electronic arrangement of soft keyboard plinks and syncopated rhythms with lots of rapid-fire hi-hat. The accompanying video consists of slo-mo footage from an industrial lot in which Lanza plays her keyboard while flanked by two of those massive inflatable figures (the kind you might see outside of a car dealership).

Watch the clip below. The full You Never Show Your Love EP will include a remix from the late DJ Rashad.