Jessie Ware "Kind of...Sometimes...Maybe" (J. Cole remix)

Jessie Ware 'Kind of...Sometimes...Maybe' (J. Cole remix)
UK vocalist Jessie Ware's sophomore effort Tough Love just landed yesterday (October 21) but already the album's "Kind of...Sometimes...Maybe" has been given a new life via a remix featuring rapper J.Cole.

The romantic waltz is given a lyrical upgrade by Cole, who masterfully wraps himself around a nursery rhyme before lasciviously admitting he'd similarly like to twist his tongue "all up in ya." He also cops to wanting to touch something real, tossing the concept of fake breasts out of the picture.

Ware is a little more reserved with her demands on the cut, admitting that sometimes she misses the thought of having someone special around. But only kind of.

Featuring new, enigmatic electronic flourishes and a few extra bars, you'll find Cole's revamp of the Tough Love single down below. Then, read our recent interview with Ware here.