Jeremih "All the Time" (ft. Lil Wayne)

Jeremih 'All the Time' (ft. Lil Wayne)
Chicago R&B singer Jeremih's 2012 freelease Late Nights was filled with laidback and lascivious cuts, and apparently his next tape, Thumpy Johnson, is taking shape similarly. The first single, "All the Time," is actually a reworked version of Late Nights' "Fuck U All the Time," with an added verse from Lil Wayne.

The shell of the song is the same, with Natasha Mosley's sensual hook wrapping around Rhodes organ lines and a snap beat, but now we get Weezy discussing pervy breakfast plans and his impeccable penmanship, and Jeremih singing new lines about popping off your bra. You can stream or download it down below, courtesy of Billboard.

Thumpy Johnson arrives sometime in April.