Jennyanykind I Need You

It almost seems like a cliché but for some reason, the worst record Jennyanykind ever made was the one on a major label. When their fourth album found its way onto Elektra, all that early promise went into hiding and label and band quickly parted ways. One might assume the band simply lost the plot, but after brothers Michael and Mark Holland put their severance cash into a home studio, two more albums have resulted, finding the band in rejuvenated form. I Need You is the second album on hometown Chapel Hill, NC-based label Yep Roc, and it just might be their best yet. Having fully discarded that alterna-rock production, Jennyanykind are back to making cool rootsy rock'n'roll. Think Velvet Underground hepped up on psych blues and country roots, then churned out with a warm rock vibe full of hypnotic hooks. Detours aside, there's no question that the brothers Holland got that feeling that gives I Need You the air of a classic. (Yep Roc)