Jennifer Cardini /Various Lust

Soaking with sexual evocation, this elegantly tasteful and rather impeccable mix is just over one hour of funked-up tech-house. Cardini, as a producer and DJ, has been crucial to the development of the electronic music scene in France for the past decade and a half, herself influenced by the pillars of Detroit techno, as well as collaborations with other female European producers such as Miss Kitten and Sex Toy. Beginning on a minimal note and building up with some playful electro, her track selection for Lust she claims is the most personal of her three compilations. She captures both the fun and the edge of minimal techno and all of its spawning into other genres, highlighting artists from Traum, Sender, Shitkatapult, and AI Records among a few others. Add a remix done by the Wignomy Brothers and Robag Wruhme of Slam’s "This World” featuring Tyrone Palmer with political banter instigating a reflective stance on the dance floor, followed by Kompakt’s own DJ Koze with his soulful hand-clapping number Room 303, and this mix is balanced with much thought and careful ass-shaking calculation. Lust is far from prosaic. (Aufgeladen & Bereit)