Jen Militia Berlin Boot Camp

"This is not a test,” announces MC/singer Dainjah on the opening track to Jen Militia’s new disc. But if it was, his band would pass with distinction. Part manifesto, part heavy artillery attack, Berlin Boot Camp preaches and lives the gospels of hip-hop and rock’n’roll simultaneously, delivering hardcore screams side by side with sucka MC assaults ("Fashizm”). While "5GF” acknowledges that out of his five girlfriends Dainjah loves rock’n’roll the best, his taste in mistresses is definitely more urban, exemplified by tracks like the outstanding "Fight! March! Dig!,” which marches patriotically to King Jammy’s unstoppable "Tempo” riddim. And the band’s soft underbelly is exposed on soul tracks like "Citizen Jane.” It takes balls to have one of the best guitarists in the country (J. Double) and not make a guitar album. But Jen Militia have nothing if not balls. No, this album is as much about beats, bass and lyrical bravado as six-string acrobatics. A ferocious live band, Jen Militia bring all their cocksure charisma to Berlin Boot Camp. Join the army now. (Independent)