Jeff Witzeman & the Jealous Housewives Oh My God

You have to be suspect of a guy that starred in major network shows like Frazier and Jake and the Fatman. Actor-turned-coffeehouse crooner Jeff Witzeman proves that Hollywood's paper-thin sentiment didn't affect him too much on his new release, Oh My God. Sure, there is the made for FM single, "Hollywood Girl," that one might hear on Dawson's Creek, if one were bored enough to actually watch that show, but thanks to Witzeman's love of roots rock, most of Oh My God keeps a safe distance from over-popped radio gloss. Producer Evan Frankfort's track record with the Wallflowers and the Jayhawks is a dominating influence on the sound and flow of the record, and his use of guitar layers and delays throughout, particularly the "underwater" guitar in the cover of John Lennon's "Isolation," enhances each song considerably. (Independent)