Jeff Mills Blue Potential Live with Montpellier Philharmonic

Detroit Techno hero Jeff Mills has always been one for the extravagant and pushing boundaries, from seven-hour sets with Laurent Garnier to his rescoring of Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent movie masterpiece Metropolis. Last summer in France with the help of 70 musicians from Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra he recorded a live score of work from throughout his career, including pieces from Metropolis, his days in the Underground Resistance collective and the outright classic "The Bells.” Included is a DVD that adds very little in terms of visuals and as such the introductions to the songs could have perhaps been omitted from the CD, but the reward lies in the surround sound quality. Already a phenomenal aural experience of textural and dynamic intensity it is enriched further by the care taken to record the production so immaculately. By no means will this move a dance floor like the original work, but it will undeniably drop jaws in awe of this artistic triumph. (Axis)