Jeff Lynne's ELO "One Step at a Time"

Jeff Lynne's ELO 'One Step at a Time'
The latest incarnation of British prog-pop trailblazers Electric Light Orchestra is Jeff Lynne's ELO, and with the album Alone in the Universe coming out on November 13 through Columbia Records, they have just rolled out a new tune called "One Step at a Time."

The song rides a brisk pulse in which live rock rhythms are boosted by rollicking electronics. Lynne's mellow verse melody lifts to a sweet falsetto hook during the chorus, while a sampled faux-cowbell clangs in the background. It sounds a bit like a classic disco tune except the tempo is a little too fast for any Saturday Night Fever-style swaggering.

Lynne told Entertainment Weekly in regards to the song, "I didn't have quite enough up-tempo [tracks]. It's got some very intricate chords in the verse, which I like a lot, because it's sort of old-fashioned music but with a regular rock and roll beat."

Take a listen below.